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Etusivu Musiikki Demokasetti 002
The New Heaven
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 01 August 2008 15:04


(san. Tatsi Haveri, säv. Tatsi Haveri)

Then I saw a new heaven
And a new earth
The first heaven and earth
Had passed away

There was no longer any sea
Struck off by God's word
He has the power to dispose
Of every night and every day

I also saw the holy city
It was a new Jerusalem
It came with shiny angels
Descending with them

And I heard a loud voice
From the throne say:
Behold, God's dwelling place
Is just among men

They will feel His presence everywhere
As they forget the old rules
He wipes away every tear
Of the times when they fools

Death will be no longer
No crying, no pain
Because all the former things
Have passed away

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